•  Manage and account for public resources including among others, Consolidated Revenue Fund, Statutory Funds and other public funds;
  •  Manage the public Debt portfolio;
  •  Provide Government accounting services, manage Public Finance Management System;
  •  Monitor Ministries Internal Audit controls and consolidate Government accounts;
  •  Review public procurement systems, develop procurement procedures manual – in liaison with Office of the President and Cabinet and State Procurement Board;
  •  Formulate Fiscal Strategies including Government finances and tax policies through the National Budget , Mid-term Fiscal Policy Review and related policy strategies in support of overall economic activity, investment, trade;
  •  Manage and control Government programmes and projects expenditure in liaison with other stakeholders and ensure timeous and quality public service delivery;
  •  Mobilise domestic and international financial resources through the negotiation and conclusion of loan agreements with private, bilateral and multilateral financial institutions;
  •  Advise and coordinate the formulation of appropriate fiscal and monetary policies;
  •  Oversee the central bank and the financial sector.