•  Initiate, coordinate, implement and review policies governing relations with African, Asian and the Pacific, European and American countries and related multilateral institutions e.g. the AU, EU/Africa, China/Africa and India/Africa fora;
  • Monitor, report and prepare analytical briefs, position papers on global strategic developments on political, economic, social, scientific, security, technological and environmental issues;
  •  Oversee and facilitate Zimbabwe’s participation at bilateral, regional and international conferences, meetings and workshops and lobby for Zimbabwe and the region’s position on various issues;
  •  Coordinate Zimbabwe’s participation in the ratification of multilateral conventions and agreements;
  •  Initiate and convene Joint Commissions on political, economic, scientific, technical and cultural cooperation with other countries;
  •  Organize press conferences and briefings;
  •  Organize and conduct diplomatic training programmes for Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials and officials of other Government Ministries and Departments;
  •  Provide protocol services and advice to Government and other stakeholders;
  •  Provide legal advice on all domestic and international issues so as to ensure compliance with domestic and international obligations;
  •  Act as a depository of all international agreements and maintaining a treaty register;
  •  Provide consular services to Zimbabweans;
  •  Ensure strategic Human Resources Management;
  •  Manage the Ministry's financial resources in compliance with Public Finance Management Act, Audit Act, Treasury Instructions, Accounting Officer’s Instructions and relevant regulations;
  •  Procure, manage assets and provide goods and services to the Ministry, its Missions abroad, other Government departments and members of the public; and
  •  Audit financial, human and material resources in compliance with the Public Finance Management Act and Civil Service Statutory regulations.