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Mission Statement

1. Purpose The overall purpose of the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare is to promote the health and quality of life of the people of Zimbabwe. In pursuing this, the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare is committed to:

1.1 Equity The Ministry of Health and Child Welfare seeks to achieve equity in Health by targeting resources and programmes to the most vulnerable and needy in our society.

1.2 Primary Health Care The Primary Health Care approach will be the main strategy for health development.

1.3 Priority Health Issues Priority health problems will be identified and resources will be targeted to alleviating those problems.

1.4 Quality Programmes will seek to provide high quality care which is accessible and appropriate.

1.5 Health Promotion Programmes will emphasise on Health promotion and disease prevention. In summary the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare aims:

  • to keep as many people as possible in good Health in the Community.
  • to provide appropriate quality services for those needing care in the community.
  • to high quality hospital services at the appropriate level for those few requiring that form of treatment and care.
In pursuing these health objectives the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare will:
  • ensure value for money through efficient and effective services.
  • plan and manage its resources effectively.
  • form strong links with the community at all levels in the delivery of appropriate health services in acceptable ways.
  • mobilise more resources for the Health Sector whilst ensuring their optimum utilization.
Website:- www.mohcc.gov.zw