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Zimbabweans commemorate their attainment of Independence from the British on 18th April every year since 1980. Celebrations are held nation-wide as Zimbabweans commemorate from village to national levels. These occasions are normally accompanied by musical galas where a number of musicians converge to entertain the nation. On Heroes’ Day, Zimbabweans commemorate the commitment of  their sons and daughters in the struggle for Independence. Thousands of Zimbabweans perished in the liberation war. On Defence Forces Day, Zimbabweans  and the uniformed forces, the army, police and prison services celebrate their dedication to protecting national sovereignty, upholding justice and maintaining law and order. National Unity Day is a commemoration of nation building in post-independent Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Public Holidays

New Year’s Day

01 January

Independence Day

18 April

Good Friday

03 April

Easter Saturday

19 April

Easter Sunday

20 April

Easter  Monday

06 April

Workers’ Day

01 May

Africa Day

25 May

Public Holiday

26 May

Heroes’s Day

10 August

Defence Forces’ Day

11 August

Unity Day

22 December

Christmas Day

25 December

Public Day

26 December



Notable ICT Events

Zimbabwe International  Trade Fair

6th -10th May

Zimbabwe Agricultural  Show

22rd -30th August

Word Telecommunications and Information Society Day

17 May

African Information Technology Exhibitions and Conference Southern Africa Summit

2nd -3rd April



Zimbabwe School Holidays

First Term

Starts:        Tues 13 Jan

End:           Thurs 1 April

Second Term

Starts:         Tues 5 May

End:           Thurs 06 Aug

Third Term

Starts         Tues 08 Sept

End            Thurs 03 Dec