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To ensure the provision of adequate, efficient, affordable, safe and reliable transportation and communication systems through the formulation and implementation of appropriate policies, strategies and action plans as well as to provide reliable and timely meteorological, climatological and seismological data and information in order to facilitate effective planning and response.


  • Plan, design, construct and maintain state roads and bridges.
  • Supervise state enterprises under the Ministry's purview.
  • Provide strategic policies and plans to public enterprises within the Ministry.
  • Co-ordinate planning activities of departments and state enterprises, monitor and review the implementation of national transport and communication policies.
  • Provide administrative, legislative and financial support services to departments and divisions within the Ministry.
  • Provide services that ensure safety of road and water traffic.
  • Provide meteorological services and other related information on weather, seismological and atmospheric composition.
  • Supervise, administer and control relevant national and international regulations, treaties and protocols of all aspects of the transport and communications sectors.
  • Develop postal, telecommunications, information and communication technology policies and regulations for the orderly development of the communications sector.
  • Develop, administer and publish licensing, certification and : u registration regulations for all postal, courier, telecommunications services to ensure the orderly development of the communications sector.
  • Participate, coordinate and safeguard the national communications policies at national, regional and international meetings, which regulate global communications activities.
  • Assist in developing policies and legislation, which promote the availability, development and usage of information and communication technologies in Zimbabwe.


Contact Details
Physical Address
Ministry of Transport and Communications
Kaguvi Building, 13-17 floors
Postal Address
Central Avenue (Between 4 th and 5 th Street) Box CY 595
Telephone: +263-4-700991-9 / 700693-9 / 707121-9 Causeway
Fax: +263-4-7 08225. 737358
Website:- http://www.transcom.gov.zw