Passport / Travel Documents

Documents Offered Are:
• Passport (Diplomatic, Service and Ordinary passport).
• Temporary Travel Documents (TTDs).

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Non-citizen Birth Registrations

These are birth certificates issued to children of foreign Nationals (visitors and expatriates).

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National Registration

The issuance of identity documents is a statutory requirement in terms of the National Registration Act Chapter 10:17 which specify that every citizen by birth or by registration (acquired citizen) should register a National Registration document. The specific requirements for one to register an identity as per the Act are as follows:
• Be of 16 years of age or above.
• Produce a birth certificate as proof of citizenship.

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Marriage Certificates

  • Issuance of Marriage Certificates
  • Correction of Errors
  • Designation of Marriage Officers
  • Authentiation of Marriage Record
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Issuance of duplicate full birth certificates

Minimum processing time
  • Normal birth certificate - 5 working days.
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Import and Export of Bodies

When a person or next of kin applies to take or bring a deceased person's body for burial.

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A brand is a permanent mark placed on livestock for identification and proof of ownership.


Birth and Death Certificates

Initial Birth Registation

Current birth registration


Processing time

10 working days

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