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Overall Provincial Profile
Masvingo seats in spatial extent on 56 566 square kilometres.
The province is situated in the south-eastern part of the country. It is further sub-divided into seven administrative districts namely: Bikita, Chiredzi, Chivi, Gutu, Masvingo, Mwenezi and Zaka.

The city of Masvingo is the provincial capital.-
Population total of 1 485 090 , aggregated as 697 992 Males and 787 098 females ( ZimStat 2012) .
The greater part of the province is located in the Lowveld and as a result it receives comparably less rainfall from the month of October to February.

Visiting Masvingo Province

1. Cultural (Heritage)
Great Zimbabwe Monuments,
Chilojo Cliff In Gonarezhou National Park
LIBERATION WAR SITES - Trabablas Trail and Train, Gonakudzingwa, Kamungoma Liberation,KwaVaMuzenda
Wildlife Tourism:-Gonarezhou National Park (Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park), - Save Valley Conservancy, - Malilangwe Conservancy,
Agro- Tourism - Tongatt Hullet Zimbabwe Sugar Plantations in Chiredzi and Mwenezi Districts i.e. Hippo Valley, Mkwasine, Triangle and Mwenezana.
Events Tourism - Great Limpopo Cultural Festival and Trade Fair. (October) - Dzimbabwe Arts and Cultural Festival. (September)- Youth Cultural Arts Festival. - Provincial Cultural Week Celebrations. (May)- Mutirikwi Boat Festivals.

Trade Sectors
Sugar By- Products ( Ethanol, Molasses)
Beef - the province prides in itself with the highest population of cattle in excess of + 1 million herd Minerals - Lithium Masvingo is host to approximately 11 million tonnes ; the largest world class petalite/pegmatite –lithium deposits

1. Agriculture Sector.
- Irrigation Infrastructure and Mechanization(excess of 30 000 hectares of potential irrigation on the impetus of Tokwe Mukosi and Manyuchi). - Resuscitation of Cold Storage Commission. - Poultry Breeding and Abattoir.
2. Mining and Mineral Development Sector. - Mineral Exploration: Masvingo is host to the country’s largest known Kimberlite Pipes (diamonds), World Class Pegmatite(Lithium) in Bikita & Tantalite requiring exploration. - Exploration of Precious and Semi Precious Stones i.e. Alexandrite. - Resuscitation of Mashaba- Asbestos Mine, - Mine Dump Reclamation for extraction of Nickel & Magnesium as low hanging investment cake

Mining and Mineral Development …
-Mining Beneficiation and Value Addition ( i.e. Diamond Cutting, Processing and Polishing)

3.Energy Sector.
- Hydropower Generation i.e. at Tokwe Mukosi , Lake Mutirikwi and Manyuchi
- Bio- Fuel Energy . - Solar Energy.

4. Tourism Sector.
- Invest in accommodation and conference facilities as core/anchor activities at Tokwe Mukosi environments especially on the unique saddle island(s).
- Sport and Recreational Facilities at Tokwe Mukosi and Lake Mutirikwi i.e. Artificial Turf, Boat Cruising.

5.Infrastructure Sector. The following key enablers are strategic investment portfolios to drive all the other sectors.
a) Road Infrastructure: Beitbridge- Masvingo –Harare Highway Dualisation, Rutenga- Boli - Sango Boarder Post Road Tarring, Masvingo Mutare - Masvingo -Bulawayo Highway .
b) Air Ports - Modernisation and Run-way Expansions at Masvingo and Buffalo Range Airport
c) Sango Boarder Post Modernisation and Upgrade.
d) Rail Infrastructure Upgrade - Chiredzi- Rutenga( Mwenezi) – Bulawayo and Masvingo- Gweru – Bulawayo and Harare.
e) Dry Port Infrastructure at Rutenga.
f) Runde -Tende Dam Construction( Bigger than Tokwe Mukosi )

Justification of the Province’s uniqueness
-Harworking,Skilled & Resilient people ;The province is home to the Great Zimbabwe Monument, the only known Ancient Archaeological site world over that has given its name to a beautiful sovereign country and its people’s identity. Its features are captured on the national public seal.
The Monument further stand as number four Ancient Civilisation structure after the People ‘s Republic China’s Great Wall, Egyptian Pyramids and Machu Picchu of Peru.
- Hydrological advantage: The province has largest country's inland fresh water bodies, Lake Mutirikwi, Tokwe Mukosi and lined up Runde- Tende.
-Wildlife endowments; Save Valley, Gonarezhou, Malilangwe are major wildlife sanctuaries in the province.

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HON EZRA CHADZMIRA - Minister of State for Provincial Affairs 

Provincial Administrator

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