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Foreign Affairs and International Trade


To promote the political and economic interests, image and influence of the Republic of Zimbabwe in the international community and to protect the interests and safety of Zimbabwean nationals abroad.


  • Initiate, coordinate, and execute Zimbabwe’s foreign policy
  • Establish and maintain diplomatic relations;
  • Serve as the sole point of contact for foreign representatives in Zimbabwe, other countries and international organizations wishing to interact with Zimbabwe;
  • Promote good political, economic, social and cultural relations with other countries in order to safe-guard Zimbabwe’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity as well as to enable it to realize its developmental aspirations;
  • Nurture and foster regional and international peace through participation in regional and international peace-keeping operations and conflict prevention, management and resolution;
  • Lead in the negotiation of bilateral and multilateral treaties and conventions and ensure compliance with their provisions in order to derive maximum benefits thereto;
  • Coordinate the search for new trade, investment and tourism opportunities through Zimbabwe’s Diplomatic Missions in collaboration with Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry;
  • Promote cooperation in science and technology with other countries and multilateral institutions;
  • Coordinate and lobby for the election/appointment of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwean nationals to regional and international bodies;
  • Provide Consular services to Zimbabweans and other nationals;
  • Administer the Zimbabwe Privileges and Immunities Act in conformity with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic and Consular Relations;
  • Engage and mobilize regional and international development partners to address Zimbabwe’s developmental challenges in collaboration with Ministry of Finance and Economic Development;
  • Participate in the engagement and mobilization of regional and international development partners to address the humanitarian challenges which Zimbabwe may face;
  • Be the leader in the re-engagement process with cooperating partners in liaison with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development;
  • Lead the coordination, participation, and monitoring of Zimbabwe’s negotiations in bilateral, regional and multilateral trade and investment agreements;
  • Coordinate the implementation of the National Diaspora Policy;
  • Oversee and facilitate Zimbabwe’s participation at bilateral, regional and international conferences, meetings and workshops;
  • Lobby for Zimbabwe and the region’s position on various issues;
  • Coordinate Zimbabwe's participation in international peace support operations;
  • Mobilize civil society to complement Government effort towards regional integration and international cooperation;
  • Coordinate the ratification of multilateral conventions and agreements;
  • Participate in the Cabinet Committee on Legislation and provide Secretariat Services to the Public Agreements Advisory Committee in its deliberations;
  • Act as a depository of all international agreements and maintain a treaty register;
  • Provide protocol services and advice to Government and other stakeholders;
  • Manage the Ministry's financial resources in compliance with Public Finance Management Act, Audit Act, Treasury Instructions, Accounting Officer’s Instructions and relevant regulations;
  • Procure, manage assets and provide goods and services to the Ministry, its Missions abroad, other Government departments and members of the public; and
  • Manage financial, human and material resources in compliance with the Public Finance Management Act and Public Service Regulations.



Minister, Hon. Frederick Shava.

Deputy Minister, Hon. David Musabayana, M.P.

Ambassador James Manzou, PERMANENT SECRETARY