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Industry and Commerce


To facilitate and promote the development of sustainable, innovative, inclusive and globally competitive industrial and commercial enterprises for economic growth.

A highly industrialised, technologically advanced and diversified Zimbabwean, economy by 2025.


  • Promote and develop industrialisation
  • Formulate and implement industrial policies and strategies for industrial and commercial growth;
  • Formulate and implement trade policies and strategies for export promotion;
  • Promote, maintain and expand mutually advantageous trade and trade relations with foreign countries and businesses;
  • Formulate and implement strategies to promote fair competition and consumer protection;
  • Developing and implementing strategies to promote consumer protection;
  • Formulate, implement and review policies on quality and standards;
  • Monitor the operations of parastatals, state enterprises and grant aided institutions under the Ministry.



Deputy Minister, Hon. Rajeshkumar. Modi, M.P. 

MINISTER, Hon N M. Ndlovu, M. P.