Official Government of Zimbabwe Web Portal


Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services


Molding lasting national consciousness that defends, upholds and promotes Zimbabwe’s founding values, identity, and its interests worldwide through a modern, diverse, and participatory information and communication industry accessible to citizens and the world, using the best business practices and technological means.


  • Develop policy and legal framework that promotes growth of a modern and vibrant information, media and broadcasting industry;
  • Develop and project a national viewpoint;
  • Bridge the rural-urban, North – South information divide;
  • Articulate and promote Government policies and programmes;
  • Facilitate two-way communication between Government and the citizenry;
  • Build and develop standards for the information industry;
  • Build a good image of the country
  • Develop a diverse and plural media industry for Zimbabwe;
  • Celebrate Zimbabwe’s cultural achievements and values;
  • Articulate and mobilize for Zimbabwe’s indigenization and empowerment goals.




Minister, Hon. J. Muswere, M.P.