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Sports Recreation Arts and Culture


To promote Sport, Arts and Recreation by ensuring equitable participation, sustainable development and empowerment for all Zimbabwean citizens.


  • Formulate and establish policy frameworks to promote the development of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation;
  • Institutionalize and enforce good corporate governance in Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation programmes to attract investment and full participation of individuals and corporates;
  • Formulate and implement strategies that ensure development and growth of Sport, Cultural, Creative and Recreation;
  • Create an environment that supports and enhances the development of Youth, Sport, Recreation and the diversity of cultural expressions;
  • Establish and administer a revolving youth, sport, arts and recreation fund to stimulate the growth of youth, sports arts and recreation industries;
  • Capacitate youth, sport, arts and recreation clients/stakeholders through skills training to enhance high performance product and high quality goods and services;
  • Strengthen Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation associations so as to achieve employment creation and poverty reduction and;
  • Promoting entrepreneurial skills development for Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation.


Minister, Hon. Kirsty L. Coventry